A Look at Some of the Advances in Technology of Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Kits

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Wireless speaker kits are solution designed for setting up home theater speakers without running long wires. These sets have been available for quite a while. However, previous sets usually suffered from high audio distortion as well as susceptibility to wireless interference. Newer sets have remedied some of these issues. I’m going to look at some of the advances in technology over the last few years that have made these sets a serious contender in home theater setups.

First of all, digital technology has revolutionized many aspects of technology. Transmitters for setting up wireless surround sound as shown here are no exception. Most notably, the conversion of the analog audio to a digital signal allows these sets to improve reliability and also sound quality dramatically. This is similar to storing music on a music CD. In the past, you would often notice background noise with playing music albums. However, once the music CD was invented, this problem disappeared. Music is stored in a digital format on a music CD. That means that even though there may be scratches on the surface of the CD, the CD player is still able to recover the data by using advanced error correction technology and re-create the original audio.

wireless speakers

These wireless kits employing digital technology utilize pretty much the same technology. Not only is the signal much more high-quality but also in case of wireless interference, the signal is much less likely to get interrupted or distorted. In most cases, the transmitter will buffer certain data packets and also append a checksum. The receiver will then check each data packet to make sure that there are no errors. If an error is discovered, the receiver will request data packet to be transmitted once again. That way not only damaged data packets can be recovered but also in cases packets are not received, they can be requested once again.

Additionally, advances in amplifier technology have made these wireless surround kits much smaller while delivering more wattage to the speakers. Also, because modern amplifiers have higher power efficiency, there will be less heat and thus the ventilation requirements are less strict. That makes it a lot easier and safer to set these up. While traditionally, the wireless receivers would connect to it these two speakers, they are some sets available nowadays which are so small that they come with a dedicated wireless receiver for each loudspeaker. That makes it very easy to hide each receiver.