An Introduction into Wireless Speakers

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Let me show you some categories of wireless speakers as well as some background information. This might come in handy in case you are in the market. Obviously, there are many different categories and even more different models of cordless speakers flooding the market. One of the most saturated category are Bluetooth wireless speakers.

indoor wireless speakers

However, even though Bluetooth speakers are popular, there are also some other categories such as wireless outdoor models or multi-room speaker systems. Each of these categories typically has their own specific market. Let’s start out with the most popular category: Bluetooth speakers.

The reason for the popularity of Bluetooth speakers is the fact that almost all smart phones nowadays do have Bluetooth built-in. There is no need to purchase a separate unit in order to transmit a wireless signal. Also, many models are portable and don’t have to be plugged into a wallwart. This is a great plus for taking the speakers outdoors. However, speaking of outdoors, there are specific models of wireless speakers which argued for outdoor use.

stereo wireless speakers

These models typically have much better wireless range and more wattage. Don’t forget that the outdoor environment is typically fairly noisy and as such Bluetooth speakers which run from batteries simply cannot offer enough volume to drown out background noise such as wind and pedestrians. That is where outdoor speakers excel. In addition, the speakers are usually optimized for installations that are exposed to rain and humidity. Bluetooth speakers for the most part would get damaged when set up outdoors.

Next, I’m going to look at multi-room speaker systems. There are a handful of companies which specialize in this market. Usually speakers which are tailored to this market are more expensive especially when compared to Bluetooth models. An entry-level speaker alone can set you back almost $200. Don’t even mention all the other accessories which are required such as a bridge which connects the Internet to the network. Also, these systems usually have remote controls which are quite expensive.

wireless Amphony speakers

Instead of purchasing such an expensive model, you might instead go with a Wi-Fi speaker which is quite universal. It is not restricted to specific protocol and therefore you would be able to add additional speakers purchase from different manufacturers later on. That will give you much more flexibility than restricting yourself a specific protocol and therefore to a specific manufacturer. Having said all this, I think you should be better equipped to make an informed decision.