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The super audio CD was introduced about a decade ago by Sony. This was described as the next generation of the classic music CD. Let me take a look at the technology which is used by the super audio CD and highlight the difference between the classic music CD and the SACD.

Now it is therefore standard formats for audio being recorded onto a disc. The probably best known format is the classic music CD. The music CD has been a huge leap in terms of audio quality from classic albums. Problems associated with album such as crackling and degradation of the audio was solved with the CD. As a result, music was almost exclusively distributed via CD for almost a decade.

However, Sony thought that the sound quality could be improved even further. It then went ahead …

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Lately sound bars have become popular when setting up home theater systems. In fact, this product hasn’t been around for long time. Just in the last eight years or so have sound bars been available. Let me explain the purpose and function of this product. Also, I am going to look at some applications.

Surround sound is the big selling point for home theater systems. Almost all movies which are being released for home audiences have a surround sound track. That means that by taking advantage of appropriate equipment, you will be able to re-create the surround effect at home. This effect contributes a great deal to feeling like you are watching a movie at the cinema. However, you no longer have to purchase expensive tickets. Also, home theaters are convenient because you don’t have to drive to get to …