Script is the main body of a movie. Script is one of such things, which must be great in order to obtain a great movie. There are a plenty of aspiring writers, who are lacking the exposure for an opportunity. So, if you have interest in writing scripts and dialogues for movies, then it is time for you to take some script wiring classes, so that you can learn from the best and have a great career ahead. Script writing is basically a collaboration in making of screenplay and putting dialogues in it. There are a number of institutes who offer the students script writing courses. However, in order to get the perfect knowledge and exposure, one should always opt for the best. FCAI is one of those school, who can provide you with the best possible exposures and trainings, so that you have a great career aspect for your future. There are number of reasons, why people should opt for FCAI for the script writing course.

Course Curriculum of this Script writing

The course covers a lot of areas, so that a student can learn from the basic. The following are the areas, which are covered by FCAI in the Diploma in Script Writing Course.

  • The fundamentals of screenplay will be cleared to the students.
  • The students will be able to understand each scene and can develop dialogue on the same.
  • Plotting of a film can easily understood for a better script.
  • Understanding the features of a scene is very important, while developing a script on the same. These things will also be taught under this course, so that no aspirant wonder about How to write script.

Career options of a script writer

The career options after the completion of a course of diploma in script writing, then the student will get to choose from the following career options.

  • Screenplay artist
  • Dialogue Writer
  • Lyricist
  • Synopsis artist
  • Editor in chief

Apart from these, there are many designations, a script writer can sign, after the completion of the course from FCAI. Although there are many schools, teaching the same, one should always choose the best in order to get the best outcome. Some of the features of FCAI are discussed as under.

Features of FCAI

The features of FCAI can be summed up as follows:

  • Renowned scriptwriters from the industry will be a part of the faculty members.
  • Perfect exposure for the students will be given for the best career options.
  • The students are given opportunities to work with the professionals, after the completion of the course.

Are you an aspiring writer and wonder how to write script? Then FCAI is the place for you, where you can have the best possible guidance for you career.